Lugari residents asked to collect IDs

Registrar says 1,558 are uncollected, majority of which belong to youth

In Summary

• Registrar of Persons says some IDs belong to non-residents who are hard to trace. 

• Office to start asking for contacts during application so as to contact applicants when their documents are ready. 

Uncollected Identity cards
CRUCIAL DOCUMENT: Uncollected Identity cards
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There are 1,558 uncollected National Identity cards in Lugari subcounty.

Subcounty Registrar of Persons James Luchiri said the IDs are in his office as well at the chiefs’ and assistant chiefs’ offices.

Luchiri urged the owners, the majority of whom are the youth to visit the chiefs’ and assistant chiefs’ offices in their locality to collect them. 

“I am also appealing to the chiefs and their assistants to closely work with village elders in order to trace owners of the documents,” he said.

He, however, said some of the IDs belong to non-residents who are hard to trace.

His office, the official said, has devised a mechanism where the applicants give their contacts during application so they can be contacted when their IDs are ready.

He said there is no assistant chief in Lumakanda location following the death of Mwamba sublocation assistant chief John Konzolo and the interdiction of Munyuki's Kennedy Magwaga. 

“We have an ongoing Rapid Result Initiative programme where within 30 days we have been tasked to register fresh applications that are supposed to have been done in the whole year,” he said. 

"We have so far dealt with 4,100 fresh applications and replaced 1,000 of lost IDs" 

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