Farmers get 48,000 chicks, Kakamega to build hatchery

Kakamega Deputy governor Prof. Philip Kutima when he distributed chicks to farmers groups in Kakamega on Thursday
Kakamega Deputy governor Prof. Philip Kutima when he distributed chicks to farmers groups in Kakamega on Thursday

Poultry farmers in Kakamega have received 48,000 high-quality chicks at subsidised prices.

The Sh10 million project was launched by Deputy Governor Philip Kutima on Thursday at Musonga village, Lurambi subcounty.

The government said 120 farmers’ groups, two from each ward, received 400 one-month-old chicks and a complete poultry disease control schedule.

The deputy governor, who is also the CEC for Agriculture, said the poultry is a flagship project to raise income and food security.

“That is why we will do anything possible to help farmers attain 100 per cent production,” Kutima said.

He said the county is traiing groups improving poultry production.

Plans are underway to set up a large hatchery in Kakamega to enable poultry farmers to buy high-quality chicks at a subsidised cost. The CEC said this would be a milestone in the poultry keeping and production sector.

Chief livestock officer Dr Kelly Nelima expressed disappointment that most youths prefer boda boda riding to agriculture. Farming is more profitable, he said.

“We need to encourage young people to engage in crop, animal and poultry production,” Nelima said. “Then they will have a steady income and faster economic growth, unlike boda boda operating, which is risky, costly to maintain and generates little icome.”

Groups benefitting from the chicks include Iguhu New Generation Group, Eshiakhula Self-Help Group, Mwilinya Self-Help Group, Murhanda Co-operative Group, Khushiku Mapambano Women’s Group and Down Valley Women’s Group.

Others are Maize Value Chain Self-Help Group, Eshirembe Tuinuke CBO, Munchete Women’s Group and Nane Bora Neighbourhood Self-Help Group.

Also, chickens do not take a long time before they begin laying, broilers only take about hree months to mature. A farmer, therefore, does not have to wait long to start earning from their investments.

There are no legal formalities required for this business (in most cases) unlike other businesses. Also, there are not much expenses apart from feed and drugs.

In Kenya, broiler and layer poultry are used for commercial meat and egg production.

There are numerous world famous meat and egg producing poultry breeds available. For commercial egg production, highly productive layer breeds are preferred. In case of meat production, highly meat producing broiler poultry breeds are preffered. There are several poultry farming or training centres far farmers.