Two theft suspects burnt by mob in Kitale

They allegedly stole a submersible pump and tried to sell it for a cheap price

In Summary

• Police said two men allegedly tried to sell a stolen submersible at a ridiculously low price.

• A mob set them on fire but police rescued them. They are in critical and fair condition in hospital.

Lynch mob burns suspected sellers of stolen property in Kitale on Monday, September 12.
CRIME SCENE: Lynch mob burns suspected sellers of stolen property in Kitale on Monday, September 12.
Image: STAR

Two suspects are fighting for their lives at a Kitale hospital after they  were set on fire for allegedly stealing a submersible pump.

They then allegedly tried to sell the pump at a throwaway price. Depending on size and condition, pumps can sell for as much as Sh45,000 in Kenya, or more.

The two were saved by police and rushed to Kitale County Referral Hospital. One is in critical condition, one in fair condition.

According to neighbour Isaac Kiondo, a criminal gang has been terrorising residents at night and stealing valuable property

"The two suspects approached a man on Monday trying  to sell him a submersible pump," he told the Star. They apparently didn't think the theft had been reported.

A trap had been laid. The men were caught by a mob, sprinkled with petrol and set on fire, he said.

Kiondo said police officers were alerted and rushed to the scene where the two men were burning.

"Police and residents managed to put out the fire and rescued the two suspects," Trans Nzoia police chief Jacinta Wesonga said.

She said the two suspects offered to sell a submersible pump but the man who reported it rejected their offer.

The police chief said a mob had been following up on the theft and decided to punish the two men.

Wesonga asked the public to notify the police and not to take the law into their own hands.

The two were rushed to Kitale County Referral Hospital where they are admitted, one in fair condition and the other in critical condition.

(Edited by V. Graham)

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