I'm interested in your job, Senator Langat tells Governor Barchok

Says he will continue criticising the county chief because he is sleeping on the job as residents suffer.

In Summary

• Senator says he wants to see people getting proper services.

• The lawmaker warned Barchok against trying to silence him.

Bomet Senator Christopher Langat has told Governor Hillary Barchok to deliver on his mandate and accept to be checked by the legislative arms of government. 

Langat said he was not interested in succeeding the governor, hence Barchok should stop interfering with his oversight roles. 

“I am not interested in his seat. What I want is to see people getting proper services. I cannot come across shoddy work and keep quiet,” he said.


The senator said he will continue criticising the county chief because he is sleeping on the job as residents suffer.

The lawmaker warned Barchok against trying to silence him.

Langat spoke to the press at the Tenwek High School where he presided over a prefects’ mentorship programme.  

“How can a governor try to fight when he gets corrected? It is sad that instead of using the criticism to better his leadership he resorts to fights,” he said.

The senator who doubles as chairman of the Education Committee said the county was performing poorly in development matters.  

He distanced himself from the summons issued by the Senate to Governor Barchok in December last year. 

Barchok faced the Senate watchdog committee over queries on Sh939 million expenditure his administration could not account for.


The county had failed to furnish the Auditor General with financial documentation to justify the expenditure.  

Out of the amount, Sh713,000 was incurred for the purchase of a bookshelf, Sh57,000 for an item known as an executive flower vase, an executive chair for Sh293,000, among other expenses.

Other expenses that left members of the County Public Accounts and Investments Committee (CPAIC) of the Senate shocked were Sh78,000 and Sh60.85 million used to furnish the newly constructed governor’s lounge and office block.

“I did not summon Barchok personally to the Senate,” he said.

But Barchok has accused the senator of politicising his oversight role. 

He said the senator has failed to countercheck claims forwarded to his office by wananchi. 

The governor wants the senator to leave the oversight role to MCAs and work to ensure enough resources are disbursed to the county.

“The senator should be told to stick to his lane and we will not allow him to come and play politics in the name of oversight,” Barchok said. 

More than 4,500 students from 60 secondary schools attended the mentorship programme at Tenwek High School. 

Tenwek Principal Mutali Chesebe said the programme is geared towards instilling skills to student leaders.

“Through the mentorship programme, student leaders are equipped with skills on how to manage problems in the day-to-day running of schools,” Mutali said. 

(edited by O. Owino)

Bomet Senator Christopher Langat
Bomet Senator Christopher Langat