Kisumu city manager position vacant, apply

Former boss Doris Ombara proceeding on terminal leave next month

In Summary

• Qualified women, youths and persons with disability are encouraged to apply by October 8.

• Successful applicant to be employed on a three-year contract.



Outgoing Kisumu City manager Doris Ombara talking to reporters recently.
BOWING OUT: Outgoing Kisumu City manager Doris Ombara talking to reporters recently.
Image: faith matete


The Kisumu county government has called for applications for the post of city manager to replace Doris Ombara who proceeds on terminal leave next month.

Qualified women, youths and persons with disability are encouraged to apply, the Kisumu Public Service Board says in an advertisement, citing article 184 of the Constitution and section 29 of the Urban Areas and Cities Act, 2011.

The successful applicant will serve on on a three year contract.

Applications must be received by October 8.

Ombara 's term ended on August 14 after a three-month extension to hand over major projects.

"I am  leaving the city a happy and grateful lady. I feel fulfilled and grateful for the opportunity given to me to serve. I will look back with pride and gratitude,” she said.

Her tenure was not a smooth one, having survived several attempts to kick her out of office.

In 2016, she was involved in a legal battle with former Governor Jack Ranguma for transferring her from the powerful docket to the Lake Front Development Secretariat, then a new county agency.

To her, this was a demotion, but Ranguma insisted it was a promotion to reward her for "transforming the county".

She argued that she was being sent to head a non-existent agency. She got her job back after the court battle.

On May 21, Ombara was on spotlight again, this time for being in office despite the Public Service Board's decision to send her on terminal leave with effect from May 15.

The board, in a letter dated May 13, directed her to promptly proceed on leave and hand over to county assembly assistant clerk Peter Anditi,  who is also the board secretary.

“You will recall that you were appointed as a city manager for a period of five years beginning August 15, 2015,” read the letter signed by board chairman Elijah Adul.

"The purpose of this letter is to remind you that your said contract of employment is set to elapse on August 14, 2020. You should, therefore, proceed on leave immediately from May 15, 2020.”

The letter was copied to Governor Anyang' Nyong’o, county secretary Godfrey Kigochi, county assembly speaker Elisha Oraro and board chairperson Babu Karan.

But Ombara stayed put, forcing Anditi to head back to the assembly.

She insisted that she was advised by Kigochi to await further direction from Nyong'o, whom she referred to as the appointing authority.

"I am the one who wrote to the county secretary on my term coming to an end. I also indicated to them that I would like an extension to see the completion of the ongoing mega projects such as Uhuru Business Park," she said.

As a matter of clarity, Ombara said she had not refused to leave the office. "I will leave when I am directed so by the appointing authority." 

She maintained that she had not served her five-year contract as it had been interrupted for 18 months Ranguma had forced her out of office.

According to Ombara, some people were pushing for her removal so that their cronies could be awarded tenders.


- mwaniki fm