Homa Bay Covid-19 patient demands his release from isolation centre

Kelvin Aura says he is not sick despite tests confirming otherwise.

In Summary

• The 27-year-old driver said he wanted to commit suicide two weeks ago because of trauma but he was talked out of it.

• Homa Bay Health executive Richard Muga said four tests returned positive results, hence Aura has to remain in isolation until he recovers.

Malela Covid-19 isolation centre in Ndhiwa constituency, Homa Bay.
Malela Covid-19 isolation centre in Ndhiwa constituency, Homa Bay.

A Covid-19 patient wants the national government to discharge him from an isolation and treatment centre in Homa Bay.

Kelvin Aura, a 27-year-old driver, is isolated at Malela in Ndhiwa. He argued that he has overstayed at the isolation and treatment centre. He has been there for 36 days and despite testing positive for the virus four times, he insists that he is not sick.

Homa Bay has registered two cases. Aura is among nine mourners who travelled with an empty coffin from Nairobi to a village in Rachuonyo North. He was first quarantined at Homa Bay KMTC alongside his fellow mourners. The others were released from quarantine.

Aura said he thought of committing suicide two weeks ago because of the trauma he faced but he was talked out of it.

"I shared the information on my suicide with one of the county Health department officials, relatives and some friends but I was advised to calm down,” he said.

 Aura shared the information on social media. He wants the government to intervene. He said he could not understand why he has been detained that long yet he is well. 

Aura said the only medication he is receiving is Piriton tablets.

"I had stated previously that I’m not sick with Covid-19. I repeat that I have never felt any signs of illness since I was isolated at this centre,” he said.

He expressed dissatisfaction with his continued stay at the facility, adding that his family was suffering in Nairobi because he was their breadwinner.

“I appeal to the government to help me get out of this place,” Aura said.

However, on Friday, Homa Bay Health executive Richard Muga said Aura is Covid-19-positive and still on treatment. Muga said they had tested Aura four times to confirm his status.

“Aura has Covid-19 and this has been revealed after four tests. We’re still isolating and treating him because he is not yet safe to mingle with the public,” he said.

Muga advised Aura not to confuse his isolation with imprisonment.

“Aura will be released when tests reveal that he is coronavirus-negative. I urge him to be calm for now,” he added.


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