14-year-old designs coronavirus isolation centre

Migori boy developed a model called Maximus Isolation Centre

In Summary

• Plan consists of three long buildings with a 1,000-bed capacity each, acting as holding, quarantine, treatment and recovery centres complete with amenities such as toilets. 

• He says using schools as quarantine centres will worsen situation when schools reopen. 

When we visited Joe Noel’s home in Nyamome village in the outskirt of Migori town on Tuesday morning, we found him busy adding a few touches to his cardboard model. 

The Standard 8 pupil at Assar Johanson Primary School has developed a modern safety isolation centre plan to help the government fight coronavirus. 

“I developed the idea after watching the news about the coronavirus outbreak in the world,” Noel said. 

His model facility is called Maximus Isolation Centre, which he believes can support the government’s efforts in fighting the pandemic. He urged the government to improve and use his proposed plan. 

“I was uncomfortable with the government’s proposal to demarcate learning institutions as treatment centres for Covid-19. I believe this will worsen the situation after schools reopen,” he said. 

His plan consists of three long buildings with 1,000-bed capacity, each acting as holding, quarantine, treatment and recovery centres, which are complete with amenities like toilets, bathroom and recreation centres. 

There are sterilisation points where people are disinfected. 

“The isolation point should be next to a large water body like a lake or a permanent river to help in getting water, treating waste and discharging it safely. Since it will be in isolation, solar energy panels installed on roofs will also supply power,” he said. 

“I hope the government will notice my plans and implement it because the project will use solar energy which is much cheaper and reliable. I would like to be part of the implementation because it will not interfere with my education." 

His father Eliud Ochieng said Noel has always developed innovations and ideas either for school or church projects. 

Edited by Frank Obonyo 

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