Outa wants Nyong'o to relinquish health docket

He claims there is no law that allows Nyong’o to appoint himself as CEC member

In Summary

•Outa said Nyong’o should instead appoint his deputy Mathews Owili as CEC for health.

•The senator noted that the county health sector has moved from bad to worse.

CURFEW: Kisumu Senator Fred Outa.

Kisumu Senator Fred Outa has faulted Governor Anyang Nyong’o for appointing himself as county executive for health in the wake of coronavirus.


He termed the appointment questionable. “We hope the appointment is not for personal gains but for the interest of county residents,” he said.

Outa yesterday said Prof Nyong’o should relinquish the health docket and instead appoint his deputy Mathews Owili. The governor recently said he will be the one heading health docket.

There’s no need for you to take that docket. And if it is not for the personal benefit then you need to tell the residents why you appointed yourself yet you have deputy governor who is qualified to handle that docket. You can’t oversight yourself,” Outa said.

He stated that there is no law that allows Nyong’o to appoint himself as CEC member. “ I will take that matter before the Senate when resume,” Outa said.

He stated that any money allocated to combat the dreadful virus must be accounted for. “We will also oversight how much money is used in combating coronavirus in Kisumu,” he said.

He, however, raised concern over alleged inadequate preparedness of the county government to handle cases on coronavirus.

Nyong’o directed that all open-air markets still operating must be closed with immediate effect. He also banned all gatherings including places of worship, merry-go-rounds, funerals, weddings, and bus parks.


Further, he directed that all funeral homes and mortuaries be closed. “Hospital mortuaries will only be used to keep bodies of inpatient cases. Strictly for less than 48 hours before burial,” he said.

All burials, Nyong’o said, will strictly be for family members who must not exceed 15 people. “Anybody who disobeys these orders will be arrested and charged for disobeying public health act,” he added.

Outa noted that the county health sector has worsened. “Our health has collapsed and in case of any confirmed infection, we can be in a big crisis as a county. That is why we must strictly follow the outlined rules,” he said.

He commended locals for heeding to the set regulations to curb the spreading of the Covid-19. “It’s by the mercy of God that we’ve not reported any case. This virus is a killer," he said.

Outa told Nyong’o to ensure the emergency fund is used prudently. “I have been in several places including market places and I have not seen what the county government is doing,” he said.

Outa thanked private sectors such as Kibos Sugar and Allied Companies and West Kenya Association for distributing washing materials to residents.

He added: "The county government needs to step out and to provide our people with information and materials for washing their hands. Teargas is not a solution.”

Outa appealed to residents to obey the curfew as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta to prevent the spread of Covid-19 saying it was for their own safety.

The curfew was imposed by the National Security Council and gazetted by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang' i as a measure to contain the coronavirus disease.

The punitive Public Order Act, which has been in place for decades, grants security agencies sweeping powers to enforce the curfew and force Kenyans indoors between 7pm-5am daily.