Kisii, Nyamira politicians reject census results, cite flaws

Kisii Deputy Governor Maangi says national count had serious flaws and that they will appeal the figures

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Senator Sam Ongeri says constituencies with bigger populations should be split for broader representation 

Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi
UNCONVINCED: Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi
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Politicians from Kisii and Nyamira counties have disputed the census results, claiming it did not reflect the population dynamics in the regions.

The results released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics on Monday showed Kisii had 1,266,860 people and Nyamira 605,576.

Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi on Tuesday said the report had serious flaws and that they will appeal against the figures.

"As leaders, we feel something is amiss and soon we may present our petition to have the whole exercise looked at afresh," Maangi told reporters in his office.

Ward representatives Paul Angwenyi (Sensi) and Kepha Mogaka (Kisii Central) also disputed the results.

In Nyamira, North Mugirango MP Joash Nyamoko said it the report lacked facts.

"Looking at it from any standpoint, it doesn't add up that the population increased by only a paltry figure during the last decade," Nyamoko said.

Bomachoge Chache politician Abdalla Nyagaka and Nyaribari Masaba's Laban Chweya said the report was not truthful.

They said it was cooked up to serve a specific economic agenda.

"How does a constituency like Nyaribari Masaba register 2,000 people in census growth in an entire decade? I suspect there is something amiss in this," Chweya said. 

Abdalla told the Star on the phone, "the report may have been cooked by census officials to deny us resources."

Kisii Senator Prof Sam Ongeri, however, said the report showed exponential growth in the regions' population. He called for more representation.

He said two or three constituencies should be split out to expand representation.

"My strong opinion is that we still have constituencies with big populations like Bobasi in Kisii and Kitutu Masaba in Nyamira. They should split for broader representation," Ongeri told the Star on the phone. 

Bomachoge Chache MP Alpha Miruka said more resources should be channeled to the regions in the face of the burgeoning population.

He said Kisii numbers have grown and that the region was ready to bargain for its rightful share of the national cake.

"If we join hands as leaders from this region, we can influence national decisions," Miruka said.

Kisii population increased by about 200,000 people while that of Nyamira went up by about 8,000. 


edited by Peter Obuya

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