Motion to reserve census jobs for youths flops

Majority of Kisumu MCAs argue that census falls under the national government

In Summary

•Oketch said some civil servants had applied for August leave to do the jobs

•MCA Ogutu said assembly could only petition national government to intervene

Kondele MCA Joachim
Kondele MCA Joachim

A motion to compel civil servants to leave census jobs for unemployed youths flopped in the Kisumu assembly.

Kondele MCA Joachim Oketch brought the motion, arguing that many civil servants had applied for the jobs were lobbying for the temporary posts.

Oketch said some civil servants had already applied for August leave to benefit.


“We have many unemployed youths to take up the posts. I am an example because back then while in university, I used the money I was paid for the census job to clear part of my fees in 2009," he said.

The motion was supported by a section of MCAs but eventually failed after the majority argued the census falls under the national government.

Kabonyo MCA Oiko Pete said the youth deserve such employment and not civil servants.

He said the county commissioner and the governor of Kisumu should ensure only unemployed youth benefit.

However, South West Nyakach MCA George Ogutu said the county assembly could only petition the national government to intervene.

After debate was concluded, temporary speaker Inviolata Adhiambo put the question and opponents took the day.