Rasanga promises to subsidise tractor hiring, streamline services

Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga.
Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga.

The Siaya county government will subsidise tractor-hiring services so residents can prepare their land, governor Cornel Rasanga has said.

He said residents complain that they do not get the tractors when they need them.

He spoke at Nyamasare in Ugunja township ward during the burial of Josephine Owino. The deceased was an aunt to Charles Ogada, the county executive for Agriculture.

The governor said county staff tasked with managing tractor hiring have undermined his determination to increase food production through mechanised agriculture.

“I have numerous complaints from farmers who book and pay for tractor services in advance, only to be let down by the operators,” Rasanga said. Cases of operators ploughing farms outside the stipulated hours and pocketing e money are rampant.

Siaya Agriculture executive Charles Ogada said subsidised tractor services would be offered next month, adding the machines will be distributed evenly across the county.

He said the county is liaising with the national government to provide quality, low-cost fertliser before the planting season.

“The subsidised fertiliser will be available in depots that have been opened across the county,” Ogada said.

The executive asked Siaya residents to take agriculture seriously to enable the government to meet one of its Big Four targets — food security.

Rasanga said he would not relent in his determination to leave a positive legacy and called for support from county staff and the residents. He urged Siaya residents to support the Building Bridges nitiative of President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.saying it portends well for the region.