Ongwae pledges ruthless graft war to boost growth

Governer Ongwae
Governer Ongwae

Kisii governor James Ongwae has said he will be ruthless in removing corrupt and lazy officers.

He said on Wednesday in his Jamhuri Day speech that that he will not tolerate theft of public funds.

“Officers who engage in unethical activities that undermine public trust and resources will be dealt with ruthlessly. The consequences of playing around with public funds and abuse of office are dire,” Ongwae said.

He warned that tardy officers will not be paid and told all workers to take their jobs seriously.

Ongwae announced that Kisii town has acquired municipality status. The county assembly has approved the municipality charter. The inaugural municipality board has been formed; it includes members from professional organisations and the business community.

“This is a laudable advancement that will improve our ability to benefit from inter-city and twin city development locally and internationally,” Ongwae said.

The county has formed a 10-member task force to identify grabbed public land and settle boundary disputes.