Census: Two Wajir chiefs, assistant arrested for 'creating' more household dwellers

In Summary

• Number of dwellers in some households tripled days after prelisting.

The 2009 census report.
The 2009 census report.
Image: FILE

Police have arrested two chiefs and an assistant for inflating the number of dwellers in households during the ongoing census.

Central chief in Habaswein, Wajir South constituency, his assistant and the Leheley chief were arrested on Monday after investigations revealed that they were involved in a malpractice.

They are Khalif Sirat (chief), Khalid May (assistant) and Musa Abdi (Kumbi location) in Wajir South.

"Yes I can confirm that the three administrators have been arrested and investigations are ongoing into the matter. They were involved in inflating the numbers in respective locations," county commissioner Lyford Kibaara said.

"How do you explain a situation where a household has increased by double, in some instances triple just a week after doing the pre-listing. It doesn't add up at all," he said.

Kibaara said that they were looking for more culprits.

The incident comes barely two weeks after area regional commissioner Mohamed Birik cautioned chiefs and their assistants against condoning doctoring of the numbers.

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