Politicians 'press KNBS staff' to hire relatives for census

Youth demonstrated recently, saying shortlisted people are civil servants

In Summary

• Deputy governor says local unemployed youths should be prioritised. 

• Youths protested recruitment process citing corruption, nepotism and favouritism.  

Garissa Deputy Governor Abdi Dagane in Kamuthe, Fafi subcounty on Tuesday
IRREGULAR RECRUITMENT: Garissa Deputy Governor Abdi Dagane in Kamuthe, Fafi subcounty on Tuesday

Garissa Deputy Governor Abdi Dagane wants unemployed youths shortlisted for various positions in next month's census. 

Speaking in Kamuthe on Tuesday when he met more than 150 youths from Fafi subcounty, Dagane urged the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics to give youths the first priority in the national exercise.  

“I want to appeal to those charged with that responsibility to ensure fairness in the exercise and give jobs to our youth who need them most,” he said. 

However, according to a staff member involved in the interviews, they have been under a lot of pressure from political leaders who want to have their relatives given the jobs. 

“We have been receiving phone calls from local leaders giving names of people they want given the jobs. Some go to the extent of threatening us. The situation has really confused us because if you fail to do what they want, it will be a problem,” the official said in confidence. 

The deputy governor urged foreign nationals residing in the county not to interfere with the exercise. He said the county should be allowed to get accurate figures, which are key in planning for future projects.  

His appeal comes days after some youths threatened to demonstrate against what they termed as corruption, nepotism and favouritism in the recruitment. 

Led by Mohamed Abdullahi, the youth complained that despite hundreds of youth with the required qualifications applying for the jobs, very few had been shortlisted. 

“We find it very unfair that many of those who have been shortlisted are civil servants and teachers. Does it mean that they are the only ones who met the required qualifications?” Abdullahi asked. 


Edited by R.Wamochie