Nairobi MCAs to elect deputy speaker Tuesday

Opposition ward rep to be elected to position to seal deal on creating a unified house.

In Summary
  • Baba Dogo MCA Geoffrey Majiwa only candidate so far following Kamangu's resignation last week.
  • Assembly has increased its committees from 21 to 23 to ensure every member serves in at least two panels to enhance representation.
The Nairobi county assembly chambers
The Nairobi county assembly chambers

Nairobi MCAs are expected to seal a unity deal between the Majority and the Minority sides of the assembly with the election of a deputy speaker on Tuesday.

The Majority (Jubilee) and the Minority side (ODM) entered a deal to share the positions of speaker and deputy speaker following the resignation of Speaker Beatrice Elachi last month.


Former Makadara MP Benson Mutura was elected Speaker after he was endorsed by the Jubilee Party. Mutura got the support of both Jubilee and ODM ward representatives.

On Tuesday, the MCAs are expected to elect a deputy speaker after Ruai ward representative John Kamangu resigned last week.

Kamangu's resignation is seen as paving the way for the election of an ODM member to the position.

The voting will be conducted virtually in the morning plenary session, with only the house leadership and a few members to be present in the chambers.

Baba Dogo MCA Geoffrey Majiwa is so far the only candidate for the position having received the backing of the ODM party. The former Nairobi mayor is expected to be backed by both Jubilee and ODM members.

Nairobi county assembly Majority leader Abdi Hassan Guyo
Nairobi county assembly Majority leader Abdi Hassan Guyo

The Nairobi county assembly has been in the news for the wrong reasons and MCAs believe such an arrangement that brings together both sides of the house will end incessant chaos and rally members behind a common cause.


The MCAs have amended the Standing Orders to expand the number of committees from 21 to 23 so as to increase their membership in the panels.

The amendments that also seek to have members serve in at least two committees each have since been adopted. The MCAs say it is a way of enhancing representation.

Members have since been reshuffled to ensure all are in at least two committees. The reshuffling was done by the select committee chaired by Majority leader Abdi Guyo.

Guyo said the amendments were aimed at increasing effectiveness of members to tackle the bulk of house business through committees.

“The select committee which has 15 members had a consultative meeting and placed MCAs in committees without any favour. Everyone has a right to belong to at least two committees with only the leadership an exception since there are committees they have to sit in mandatorily,” he said.

A new Members’ Service Committee was formed. Guyo said the team will only focus on issues affecting members and their welfare with the aim of solving such issues.

The committees are expected to elect their chairpersons in the coming week.

Nairobi county assembly Minority leader Michael Ogada
Nairobi county assembly Minority leader Michael Ogada
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Minority leader Michael Ogada urged the house leadership to desist from inviting outsiders to guide them on how to run assembly affairs.

Ogada said the assembly has an able leadership that can come up with amicable solutions to the house’s problems.

“Speaker, you have got good leadership, the Majority leader who is very competent, a Minority leader who is equally competent. You have the Majority and the Minority whips, their deputies and the deputy speaker. And we are equal to the task,” Ogada said.

He said he was expecting a smooth running of assembly affairs with the cooperation of both sides of the house.

“We need to remind ourselves, having been appointed to these positions, that we need to embrace each other and let bygones be bygones. Let us start on a clean slate so that it is seen that we are brothers and sisters who are able to work with each other,” Ogada said.


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