Leaders urged to put hatemongers on leash to avoid 2008-like violence

A DP Ruto ally is already trouble for his alleged diatribe against the First Family.

In Summary

• Ruto told to disassociate himself from the likes of Ng'eno and Sudi or else he will find it hard to campaign in many parts of the country.  

• Ng'eno was arrested on Monday evening and arraigned on Tuesday for alleged hate utterances against the President and his family.

Former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo and former Starehe parliamentary aspirant Francis Mwangi
TAME THE HATEMONGERS: Former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo and former Starehe parliamentary aspirant Francis Mwangi

Hateful utterances will plunge the country into violence as happened in 2008,  Nairobi leaders have warned while condemning politicians who have resorted to insulting even the elderly.

"We all saw what happened [in 2008], how people died, how thousands were displaced. We don't want to go back there at all," Starehe politician Francis Mwangi said. 

Former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo said Kenya needs unity and leaders' different political opinions should not be the reason to abuse others.


"Respect is very important," Ndolo said.

The two spoke on Wednesday, just a few days after Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ng’eno and his Kapseret counterpart Oscar Sudi uttered unsavoury remarks against President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family, in particular former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta. 

Ndolo and Mwangi denounced the two MPs and asked them to apologise to the President.

They said leaders should focus on uniting the country and not spewing words that incite the public. 

Ng'eno and Sudi are among Deputy President William Ruto's closest associates.

Mwangi said Ruto will find it hard to campaign in many parts of the country if he continues to surround himself with hate mongers. 

He said Mama Ngina has never been involved in politics and she should be respected. 


Ng'eno was arrested on Monday evening and arraigned on Tuesday.

A Nakuru court was told that he incited his constituents at Kiminnet in Transmara against the President and his family on Sunday.

Ng'eno hit out at President Kenyatta for the wrangles in Jubilee. He told him to work with Ruto "or go home". 

He continued: "You are not Kenya and Kenya is nor Kenyatta's or Mama Ngina's land. This land belongs to 47 million Kenyans. You cannot run it as you wish." 

On Monday, Ruto distanced himself from the utterances made by his two lieutenants and twitted: “... no amount of anger justifies the use of offensive insulting language (to the President".

He urged leaders to exercise restraint and avoid insults and bad language against other Kenyans.

The attack on the First Family was condemned by among others ODM leader Raila Odinga, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi.

On Wednesday, the Kapseret MP said he will not apologise to the President. He told Citizen TV said he did not speak on behalf of Ruto and asked his critics to leave the DP out of the matter.

At the same time, he faulted Raila for applying double standards, alluding to several instances when ODM leaders insulted the President.

A video of Sudi attacking President Kenyatta and his family went viral, attracting countrywide outrage.

On Tuesday, former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo called on leaders to unite Kenyans.

Kabogo, who was being interviewed on Citizen TV, challenged President Kenyatta, Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga to put their "foot soldiers" on the leash to avoid raising political temperatures in the country.

“No one is talking about Kenyans dying. The interest is now on scandals and 2022. They need to sit down and pull back their dogs into their kennels,” Kabogo said.

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