Budget, Punguza Mizigo top priorities for city MCAs

First order of business will be approval the 2019-2020 budget

In Summary

• Senators last week accepted Sh316.5 billion for counties proposed by National Assembly

• Opposition MCAs say they will shoot down Aukot's Punguza Mizigo Bill

Majority leader of Nairobi county assembly Abdi Hassan Guyo on February 12, 2019
BACK TO BUSINESS: Majority leader of Nairobi county assembly Abdi Hassan Guyo on February 12, 2019

The Nairobi county assembly has prioritised approval of the county 2019-20 budget when sittings resume on Tuesday after a month-long recess. 

The MCAs had stopped the budget process following a stalemate in payment over the Division of Revenue Bill, 2109.

The Bill splits money collected by the Kenya Revenue Authority between the national government and the 47 counties. 


"We could not have gone ahead with the process because of the stalemate. We can only budget if we know the money that the county will get from the exchequer," majority leader Abdi Guyo said on Monday.

The Bill however got a nod last week after senators accepted Sh316.5 billion proposed by the National Assembly.

Guyo said the house will start the budget process since they now know the amount they will be allocated as county revenue .

"We now have the final figure that counties will be allocated as county revenue so the house, especially the budget committee, will have their hands full so that we can pass the 2019-2020 budget " he said.

The majority leader said the house has a number of bills to be dispensed with in the next three weeks.

"We have a number of bills which are at different stages and the house will advance them so that they can be passed and assented," he said.

The four bills include Nairobi City County Community Health Bill 2019, Nairobi City County Finance Bill 2019, Nairobi City County Revenue Bill 2019 and the Punguza Mizigo Amendment Bill.


Third Way Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot's Punguza Mizigo Bill is likely to be debated this week.

MCAs affiliated to the Nasa alliance led by minority leader Elias otieno said they will reject the Bill but those of Jubilee said they would debate it.

The ODM MCAs said their leader Raila Odinga had already dismissed the bill and therefore there was no point of them debating it.

“We shall start with the Punguza Mizigo Bill and I think we are going to reject it officially in the assembly,” Otieno said.

Majority leader Guyo refrained from speaking on behalf of Jubilee MCAs, stating that everyone was entitled to their views which will be heard when they debate the bill.

The Matopeni ward representative said the house will pick up from where it left with pending motions, statements and reports from committees.

According to the statement tracker, there are 50 pending statements.

In February when the house resumed for its third session, it came with an increased workload.

MCAs vetted Governor Mike Sonko’s five nominees for executive positions, passed a sessional paper of the Urban Housing Renewal and Regeneration Policy and vetted the members of the Nairobi County Public Service Board.

The MCAs also considered two key policy documents on water and sanitation.