Meru woman rep aspirant bolts out of UDA primaries, cites favouritism

Mwirigi said she has no confidence in Thursday's primaries

In Summary

•Ms Mwirigi said she has no confidence in Thursday's primaries after the party failed to consult her in the selection of clerks.

•She accused Senator Mithika Linturi of favouring her opponent Karambu Kailemia and not being allowed to view a sample or specimen of tomorrow’s ballot paper.

Meru aspiring woman Rep Edith Mwirigi has pulled out of United Democratic Alliance party primaries citing bias and blackmail.

Mwirigi said she has no confidence in Thursday's primaries after the party failed to consult her in the selection of clerks. 

She also claimed that Meru Senator Mithika Linturi favouring her opponent Karambu Kailemia.

The 31-year-old said she is now counting losses after paying her money to participate in the nominations.

“I want to promise and declare to our supporters that come August; I will be on the ballot. Team Edith Mwirigi is pulling out of this primary election with immediate effect; we shall not dignify a flawed process with our participation."

"We will not subject our supporters to a rigged process with pre-determined outcomes decided and defined by a few people."

Mwirigi said the UDA party should be poised for trouble because of primaries adding that she had remained calm and optimistic due to the promise of fair and free nominations.

“The stage has been clearly set to shortchange the will of the people through influencing who becomes clerks to manage the nominations. The clerks will in the end determine who wins nominations."

“I have not seen the voter register. I have not seen a single specimen of how will I be placed on tomorrow’s ballot paper. The deliberate effort by some UDA leaders to malign, blackmail, sideline and hoard information from us will not build UDA but instead split it," Mwirigi noted.

UDA Secretary-General Veronica Maina said the party had not received any complaint from Edith and noted that they have no preferred candidate.

The Deputy President William Ruto-led party will on Thursday hold the nominations across 36 counties to pick candidates that will fly its flag in the August 9 general election.

Churchill Show comedian Jasper Muthomi, alias Mc Jessy, has dropped out of the race to become the next Imenti South Member of Parliament.

Jessy dropped his bid in favour of Mwiti Kathaara.

Kathaara welcomed the withdrawal in his favour saying it is time for him to diligently serve the people of South Imenti

In a statement on Wednesday, Deputy President William Ruto said the comedian will take up a role in his presidential campaign team.

"MC Jessy (Jasper Muthomi) will join the presidential campaign team after postponing his parliamentary bid in favour of Mwiti Kathaara for the South Imenti Seat," the DP tweeted.

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