Stop celebrating thieves, churches told

Thieves of public funds have become heroes by making church donations

In Summary

•Accepting stolen money as donation gives the donor the impetus to steal more

•Ndotto laments that the glorification of stolen wealth is gaining root in Kenya

Kitui Assembly speaker George Ndotto in his office in Kitui town.
ASSEMBLY HEAD Kitui Assembly speaker George Ndotto in his office in Kitui town.
Image: Musembi Nzengu

Kitui County Assembly speaker George Ndotto on Saturday lamented that Kenya is headed in the wrong direction because the culture of celebrating thieves is taking root in the country.

He said it is unfortunate that even the clergy celebrate donations from leaders who enrich themselves through theft of public funds.

“In order to get Kenya on the right path, we must shun celebrating stolen wealth. It has become a norm that those who steal public funds are our heroes. In the contrary, those who devote themselves to honest services and the securing of public money are regards as bad people,” noted Ndotto.

He was speaking at Kathiani Village in Mwingi North Constituency on Saturday during the burial ceremony of the late Pastor Andrew Mutia. Mutia is the father of the clerk of the Kitui County Assembly Elijah Mutambuki.

Ndotto, a former powerful minister and Kanu stalwart during former president Daniel Moi’s reign, said it is foolhardy that some churches glorify thieves who are seeking leadership by accepting part of the ill-gotten wealth as donations.

“If we accept stolen money we are obliviously encouraging the giver to continue their plundering ways. I am asking you to reject donation sourced from stealing. We should stop celebrating stolen money,” said Ndotto, without making direct reference to personalities.

Former Mwingi North MP John Munuve said although he was the pioneer Jubilee party member in the area, he was happy that the leadership of the dominant Wiper Party had agreed to cooperate with  his party national leaders.

Munuve said he welcomed the Wiper brigade partnering with the Jubilee party wing of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He called on the Wiper partners to ensure DP William Ruto does not win the 2022 presidential poll.