University deans meet in Embu to discuss CBC preparedness

Varsities are crucial in implementation because they train teachers who handle the learners

In Summary

• Deans of Education from various universities in the country are congregating at Embu University to discuss preparedness of universities for Competence Based Curriculum.

University of Embu on November 24 2017
University of Embu on November 24 2017

Deans from the university schools of education are meeting at the Embu University to discuss the institution's preparedness for the Competency-Based Curriculum.


Embu University deputy vice-chancellor Professor Kiplagat Kotut said the deans were brainstorming on where the universities were in readiness to receive graduates for CBC.

“We have invited various experts on Competency-Based Education to highlight on how universities should support the curriculum,” Kotut said.

He said universities are key in the implementation of Cbc because they train teachers who handle the curriculum.

“If the universities will not prepare the teachers well then the CBC will not succeed as intended hence the purpose of bringing the deans together for brainstorming,” Kotut said.

The meeting will deliberate on how to address challenges facing the new curriculum.