Man, 27, kills daughter and commits suicide

Musila had quareled with his wife in Mombasa

Murder The suicide note believed to have been left behind by the man who killed her daughter before killing himself.
Image by Musembi Nzengu
In Summary

•Young father leaves suicide note directing family to location of child's body

•He plunges into his death from a rocky hill as police, villagers pursue him

Suicide note
Suicide note

A man committed suicide on Saturday afternoon by jumping from a rocky hill, smashing his body onto another rock.

Mutinda Musila, 27, killed himself as police and members of the public pursued him after he allegedly killed his daughter on Friday night by slitting her throat with a knife.

The slain girl was a Standard One pupil at Kisayani Primary School in Kitui.

The man who was living with his wife in Mombasa differed with her and travelled to his rural home in Kisayani village, Kimbwea location, where he killed daughter.

The girl was not his biological child as he had married a single mother. The girl lived with her grandparents.

Police on Saturday found the body of the girl in a pool of blood and a knife placed next to her.

Soon after the discovery, a manhunt for the killer was launched. Mutinda left behind a suicide note.

Kitui acting Deputy County Commissioner Jacob Ouma said the man was being pursued by police officers and villagers plunged. He plunged into his death when he realised they were about to catch up with him.

Musila climbed Kamukenge hill and dived headlong as his hunters closed in on him. He  died on the spot.

The bodies of the man and his daughter were removed to the Mutomo morturary.

The suicide note written in Kiswahili said Musila intended to kill himself after killing the daughter. The note in the man’s house directed that the body of the girl would be found on a terrace in the family farm.

The man asked his parents to use the Sh 2,500 he had left them to buy goats to support them.

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