Parents put on notice for allowing children to roam

Mombasa county children's director Philip Nzenge says children must remain at home to avoid contracting the virus.

In Summary

• Parents have been accused of not isolating their children and allowing them to play outside.

• Director Philip Nzenge said some parents assume the children are on holiday.

Parents are putting their children at risk by not enforcing isolation, the Mombasa county children's office has said.

Director Philip Nzenge accused parents of failing to comply with the government's directive in the wake of Covid-19 infection. He said some parents assume the children are on holiday and allow them to move around, hence putting them at risk of contracting the disease or spreading it to others.

"The parents are not enforcing isolation. You will find that they are telling their children to go play outside," Nzenge said.

He urged chiefs and village elders to ensure no child is left to roam the streets or playgrounds. Nzenge also urged religious institutions to accommodate street children to avoid the spread.

"The government should talk with the religious institutions to open their gates because they are many. They can get the institutions to at least accommodate five each," the director said.

He said the department finds it difficult to visit different children's homes and orphanages to monitor their status and compliance with directives.

"We do not have the tools, including gloves, to go and check on them. We cannot go because it is endangering the population," he said.

He said the children's committee is planning to have online meetings twice a week so they can come out with recommendations to solve children's problems.