Fishermen to suffer due to harsh weather

Met warns of strong winds at sea; small crafts operators advised to stay away

In Summary

• Winds of 12 to 17m/s speeds expected.

• Coast Guard called upon to enforce security.

EXPANSIVE: Kenyan fishermen in the Indian Ocean. Photo/ELKANA JACOB
EXPANSIVE: Kenyan fishermen in the Indian Ocean. Photo/ELKANA JACOB

Fishermen at the Coast fear their incomes will drop up to 50 per cent due to harsh weather conditions.

On June 9, the Meteorological Department issued a warning to small craft including fishing boats, kayaks, surf boats and trawlers to avoid going to sea due to strong winds along the Coast from June 10 to 16. 

The winds were predicted to be at speeds of 12 to 17m/s.


Speaking to the Star on Wednesday, Wavuvi Association of Kenya chairman Hamid Omar said the loss is to be experienced mostly in the deep sea, therefore, the fishermen should be on high alert.

“We are expecting a loss by the fishermen for like two months and this will mainly affect the fishermen who navigate the deep sea on small crafts. But fishermen on shallow sea will continue as usual,” Omar said.

He called on the Kenya Coast Guard to be on high alert to ensure security is enforced. 

“We are telling the Coast Guard that they should be on high alert specifically looking upon fishermen and other fishing boats,” he said.

The chairman called on all fishermen in Kenya to show up in a fishing completion which will see the winner walk away with Sh200, 000.

The runner up will win Sh100, 000 while one in the third place will get Sh50 000.

The winner will be selected by looking at how much catch they have based on the weight of fish.


“We are urging fishermen around the country to do their best and show up upon receiving invitation letters,” he said.

The competition, Omar said, will help in motivating fishermen. 

“It will familiarise those coming from upcountry to fish at the Coast and experience the challenges that we have. It will also be a way of reaching the aim of the blue economy to improve fishing in Kenya,” he said.

The competition is expected to be on September 3 and 4, after which the catch would be showcased at the Agricultural Show of Kenya in Mombasa on September 5. 

The association is planning to have a stand with the aim of starting the ‘Eat More Fish Campaign'.

They will showcase six types of live fish including lobsters, octopus, squids and prawns.

They will also show the different ways to prepare the fish as food.

The chairman encouraged the eating of fish as healthier than red meat. 

Edited by R.Wamochie