Parents told to curb teen pregnancies

Leaders accuse some parents of neglect; ask them to know children's whereabouts over holidays

In Summary

•Leaders say it is responsibility of parents to make sure their children are safe during holidays 

•Lack of parental responsibility cited as the main cause of teen pregnancies

Kaloleni MP Paul Katana addresses parents at Miyani Secondary School in Kaloleni on March 16
'WHERE ARE YOUR CHILDREN?': Kaloleni MP Paul Katana addresses parents at Miyani Secondary School in Kaloleni on March 16
Image: Elias Yaa

Kaloleni MP Paul Katana has urged parents to make sure they know the whereabouts of their children during the holidays. 

Katana accused some parents of neglecting their responsibility and later blame leaders on the increase in the number of underage girls who get pregnant.

He spoke on Sunday at St Michael Catholic Church in Kaloleni, Giriama. 

“Children are now at home. Let everyone play their role in ensuring our girls are safe at home. More than 17,000 cases of early pregnancies are portraying the county in a bad light. I cannot go house to house taking care of our girls and preventing them from getting pregnant,” the MP said.

He added, "You find parents asking where leaders are when their children become pregnant but the question is, which part are parents playing to ensure the girls are safe?" 

The MP urged religious leaders to support the fight against immorality in society. 

“Children are engaging in early sex, young boys have become drug addicts, school going children are chewing khat from early in the morning because they are being influenced by other people. This is a collective responsibility that cannot be left to one person." 

Last month, Kilifi Woman Representative Getrude Mbeyu disagreed with a section of women MCAs and other leaders who blamed her for failing to control early pregnancies among schoolgirls. 

Mbeyu brushed them off saying she does not take the girls to the boys for them to be impregnated. She asked every parent to take care of their children.

Father Paschal Ntaraki of St Michael Catholic Church said they will support leaders in fighting cases of indiscipline. 

“Parents should put in mind that their children are supposed to be either at home, in church or mosque or in school. It is the responsibility of the parents and the society to ensure that the child performs household tasks while at home,” the priest said. 

Lack of parental responsibilities has been cited to be the main cause of early pregnancy cases in the county.

A task force formed by Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi to investigate the problem is yet to table its findings and recommendations.

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