Governor Nyoro: I inherited house full of 'rats'

Kiambu governor says his administration has been cleaning the mess inherited from Waititu

In Summary
  • Governor Nyoro says corruption has been the biggest challenge in Kiambu county.
  • He revealed that he is still making efforts to eradicate corruption in the county government.
James Nyoro being sworn is as the Kiambu County Governor.
James Nyoro being sworn is as the Kiambu County Governor.

A year since he became the third governor of Kiambu, James Nyoro has opened up about the graft-riddled government he inherited. 

He equated it to a house "full or rats that were even eating each other". 

In an interview at Gukena FM on Monday, Nyoro said that he is still making efforts to eradicate corruption in the county government, which has been the biggest challenge. 

“Corruption has been a serious issue in Kiambu and when I assumed office as acting governor my capacity was limited and I couldn't do much. But as the year went on some cleaning has been made," he said. He said some of those who were benefiting from graft have been fighting back. 

“I entered a house full of dirt and slowly we have started to sweep and make it clean. With time, we shall deliver to the people of Kiambu,” Nyoro said.

On January 31, 2020 Nyoro  was sworn in as Kiambu governor, taking over from Ferdinand Waititu who was impeached by the county assembly and the Senate.

On Monday, Nyoro revealed that the health sector was one of the most corrupt departments.

He said hospitals used to operate in a cash system but not all funds were deposited into the accounts.

“Patients used to pay cash and while all funds are to be directed in the hospital's account, some were being diverted elsewhere. A hospital could be having Sh300,000 but only half of the amount used to make it to the account,” Nyoro explained.

Since he took office his administration has introduced a cashless system in hospitals where all money transactions are made through digital banking.

“At the entrance of many hospitals, we have M-Pesa agents where patients can deposit money and use it for payment. That way all money is directly deposited into the hospital's bank account without any diversion,” Nyoro added.

Since Kiambu introduced the cashless system, the governor says revenue collected from hospitals has increased with records showing the evidence.

The governor wrote to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate claims that Sh1.7 million and Sh19.5 million was spent to purchase phones and airtime respectively.

This is according to the Auditor General's report for the financial year 2019-2020.

“As the governor, I have a responsibility to look into the reports and disciplinary action will be taken on all the officers who will be found culpable by EACC upon completion of investigations,” he said.

The governor said that the county has set aside some health centres for children in schools who might get the coronavirus.

The county is ready in terms of isolation centres in case the Covid-19 infection rate increases in March as predicted by the Ministry of Health

“In case the infection rate doesn't increase, in future we shall be having two wings across all hospitals in Kiambu. One wing will be specifically for Covid-19 related issues while the other will be for normal health cases,” he said.

In partnership with Red cross, Kiambu county has received an additional six ambulances, bringing the total number to 201. There is also an ambulance which has ICU facilities.

Governor Nyoro applaud President Uhuru Kenyatta for construction of four major markets within Kiambu.

All the markets have a capacity of 600 stalls which have provided employment to many traders.

Nyoro said the county government had planned to commission two other markets in Juja and Kihara but Covid-19 pandemic broke out.

“Due to the Covid-19 preventive measures, traders couldn't move in and occupy the stalls, so at the moment they are outside the markets. If the infection rates decline then the traders will soon move in to occupy the stalls,” he said.

Nyoro called upon Uhuru to give the people of Central direction as the country approaches the 2022 elections.

“In the remaining months of his regime, we, the people from Central Kenya, need to hear where our leader is taking us. We need to know the direction from him," Nyoro said.


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