Wa Iria fires warning shot at Murang'a politicians over Uhuru

He said that he will not allow the head of state to be abused and disrespected.

In Summary

• Calls for 'political hygiene'.

Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria has warned Mt Kenya politicians against abusing President Uhuru Kenyatta, saying they will be dealt with.

He said that he will not allow the head of state to be abused and disrespected.

"I have said, I'm raising a caution and warning if you: Abuse him, then my people and I we will abuse you politically and we shall deal with you. So people must now watch their mouths," Iria said.


Kandara MP Alice Wahome has become among Uhuru's major critics in Murang'a.

On January 3, Wahome accused Uhuru of mismanaging the economy.

 She alleged there is a plot to make Uhuru Prime Minister and ODM party leader President through the BBI in the 2022 General Election.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has also previously hit out at Uhuru over what he described as "mistreatment" of Deputy President.

Nyoro, a fierce supporter of Ruto, said the DP has been subjected to humiliation through the BBI and asked why Uhuru has been silent.

However, Wa Iria on Monday told Uhuru's critics not to disrespect the President.

He said, "Do it, but leave the president out and if you try it, if you want to try, try tomorrow because there are people who think they are everything and I'm not looking at friendship here. I'm looking at the institution of the president. If I don't allow myself to be abused, how on earth can I allow the head of state to be treated that way," the governor added.

He also stated that was not trying to intimidate anyone, but added that there must be political hygiene.

"Unless I seize being the governor of Murang'a, I have said I have taken charge and if you deal with the president I will deal with you head on. I am not intimidating anyone. I am only saying that there must be political hygiene."

Mwangi wa Iria also announced he will vie for the presidency in 2022.


Speaking at Ihura Stadium on Monday, the governor said he has all the qualifications required to vie for the seat, adding he will campaign for the seat against Deputy President William Ruto and other contestants.

The governor, who registered his own political party known as the Civic Renewal Party, has said he will rally his supporters, especially Murang’a farmers.

He said those engaging in political supremacy battles, especially in the Mt Kenya region should know that he has also joined the fight.


“It is time for the seat to come to Murang’a," the governor said amid cheers by parents who had thronged the stadium to receive bursaries from the county government.