Residents arrest blind bhang peddler and wife

They frog march couple to police station, threaten to lynch them if they ever return

In Summary

• Wife says she sells rolls of drug at home while husband sells in the market.

• Sometimes they use children to deliver drug to their customers

Mukuha Kamau, 52, who was arrested by Mutonyora residents with his wife on Tuesday, July 9.
BHANG SELLER: Mukuha Kamau, 52, who was arrested by Mutonyora residents with his wife on Tuesday, July 9.

A 52-year-old blind man and his wife were locked up in Magumu police station after a citizens' arrest for peddling bhang.

Residents of Mutonyora B village in Kinangop on Tuesday afternoon raided Mukuha Kamau’s rented house where they recovered the drug.

The irate residents frog marched Kamau and his wife Susan Wanjiru to Magumu police station and threatened to lynch them if they ever returned to the village.


During the raid, the couple confessed to the angry residents that they get their supply from different peddlers whose contacts they said they did not have.

They package the drug in rolls which Wanjiru sells at home while Mukuha goes to the local market with other rolls.

“I know one of the suppliers as Njoki. I don’t know where she comes from but she brings us supply every Tuesday," Wanjiru told the residents.

She said she makes a profit of Sh500 daily. The couple did not disclose how much Mukuha makes at the local market.

“There are many retailers and everyone has their customers. Once the distributors deliver the supply we repackage into rolls. He is then picked by a motorbike which takes him to the market," Wanjiru said.

Mukuha, however, denied they are partners in crime with his wife. He said he has many suppliers.

“But my wife is not involved. This is my business and she has got nothing to do with it," he said


Pressed to explain how he operates without being cheated given that he is blind, Mukuha said God protects his business.

His wife, however, said he is sometimes conned especially with the new currency notes he is yet to master well.

Resident Samuel Muraya said the couple has ruined many children in Mutonyora whom they use to deliver the drug to clients.

“We have heard much about this couple who relocated here from Soko village. But their day has come and the government must ensure they don’t return here otherwise we are going to lynch them," he said.

One parent said: “I am angry because my six- year-old was sent to deliver rolls of bhang to their clients. Sometimes you find even girls smoking bhang in the nearby forest.”

Kinangop subcounty police commander Charles Rotich said the couple will be arraigned once investigations are complete.