Ngilu storms police station in aid of defiled pupil

Kitui governor urged the police to hunt for the culprit as the girl was taken for examination

In Summary

• The schoolgirl had been defiled in the morning but had not been attended to until Ngilu intervened

• Ngilu gave a car to take the girl to Kitui hospital for examination

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.
Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on Tuesday afternoon stormed Kitui police station and intervened in a case where a defiled girl had been held without being taken for medical examination.

Ngilu demanded an explanation from the officers. The girl was defiled on Tuesday morning as she headed for school.

The officers recorded the sexual assault in the Occurrence Book after Ngilu invaded the station. After a brief consultation with station boss Micheal Otinya, Ngilu escorted the girl for examination. She walked with difficulties and had to be helped into a waiting county vehicle. 

Ngilu said she was tipped off. She escorted her to the Kitui Level 4 Hospital.

“The girl was abducted as she walked to school in the morning and was repeatedly defiled. When she was brought here, she was not immediately attended to. I had to come here and intervene,” the county chief told reporters.

She urged the officers to hunt for the culprit. “I will be on this case to ensure the offender is arrested and brought to court for justice to be done,” Ngilu said.

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