UAE mobile device manufacturer targets 5% share in Kenya

A file photo of a mobile subscriber on phone
A file photo of a mobile subscriber on phone

Dubai based Magnus Telecom is targeting a five per cent market share in Kenya’s mobile phones business, the company has said, despite presence of established mobile device brands.

The company which is rated among the top three in Saudi Arabia and the UAE is seeking to cement its retail business in Kenya through subscriptions.

“If we are able to capture five per cent market share here then we will become a visible brand. As a new brand we are selling devices every day meaning our growth is on an upward trend,” Magnus Telecom director for Africa operations Noor Ali said during an interview with the Star. Magnus Telecom will be competing for market share with already established brands including Samsung, Huawei, Techno and Infinix. The mobile device manufacturer is part of Dubai based Telelink Group Limited.

“We are trying to ensure technology at an affordable price. Technology is not expensive it is the brand which makes it expensive. We are trying to design a technology which is affordable with the latest specs,” said Ali.

The mobile manufacturer which began operations in the country in November 2016 has over 7,000 subscribers 3,000 of whom the firm acquired through online retailers Jumia and Kilimall.

Magnus Telecoms is yet to partner with operators as the firm is still monitoring its sales in the market.

“We wanted to go both offline and online in Kenya but not through the operators as of now. We are however working with different telecoms service providers to create partnerships that will boost sales,” said Ali.

High penetration and growth rate of smart phones in the country has been attributed to strong economic climate and increased internet and mobile connectivity.

The firm has greater presence in Tanzania and Uganda where device sales stand at 100,000 and 25,000 per month respectively.

“We got some early business leads and partnerships with Airtel in Tanzania and in Kenya we wanted to be here earlier but there is a time and place for everything,” said Ali.

The mobile device manufacturer currently sells an upward of 55 phones daily in its 25 distributor outlets in the country. Smart phone prices range between Sh4,500 to Sh19,999.