Three simple keys to financial freedom

In Summary
  • To enjoy financial freedom, you must learn to first think in terms of the future
  • Financial freedom is no mystery and there is a simple approach
A woman works in an office.
INDEPENDENCE: A woman works in an office.

The idea of financial freedom is relative – it is based on a person’s goals and aspirations. What one person perceives as financial freedom could be insufficient for another.

Therefore, it is important to clearly define what financial freedom means to you. How would you know when you attain it? Without a clear picture, the pursuit of financial freedom could easily be exhausting.

Furthermore, it is important to believe that your idea of financial freedom is possible. You can attain a financial situation that ensures you live on your terms, but you must be confident that it can happen.

Otherwise, you would talk yourself out of play before the game begins. So, do you genuinely believe that financial freedom can happen for you? A strong conviction becomes an intoxicating drive.

Financial freedom is no mystery and there is a simple approach. You can crack the code by engaging tried and true universal laws that have stood the test of time. Here are three universal laws to aid your quest. 

Sell Your Gift: The renowned motivational speaker, Dr. Mike Murdock said: “money is a reward for solving a problem.” But how do you solve a problem? By deploying your gift. Remember, your gift is the solution to a problem.

So that when your gift successfully solves a problem, people reward you with money. You eventually achieve financial freedom when you discover and effectively deploy your gift.

Spend Less than You Earn: This is an ancient wisdom that is easily ignored in the twenty-first century. When you spend more than you earn, you incur a deficit and experience financial pressure.

In this case, financial freedom would elude you. Shockingly, many professionals with high-paying jobs suffer financially because they ignore this principle. How much do you keep from what you earn? Only a fool spends all that they make.

Learn How to Invest: What is an investment? It is any move that you make now to ensure that you secure and enjoy leverage in the future. You have an investment when you successfully buy the future.

To enjoy financial freedom, you must learn to first think in terms of the future; your lifestyle must factor in the future. This thinking positions you to find instruments that would help you buy the future.

Those who do not appreciate the future rarely invest. Whatever your station in life, find a way to buy a piece of the future now because those who successfully buy the future enjoy financial freedom.

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