Regulator warns retailers against hiking price of LPG

In Summary

• EPRA requires traders to issue receipts for all LPG transactions.

LPG gas cylinders.
LPG gas cylinders.
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The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has warned that it will revoke the licences of traders found to have hiked Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) prices as Kenya battles with Covid-19 pandemic.

This follows reports that a section of Liquefied Petroleum Gas traders are arbitrarily hiking prices at retail points.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and the financial strain it has caused majority of Kenyans, EPRA requires all LPG traders to behave responsibly and not result to any actions that will be construed as exploitative to consumers,” Director General Pavel Oimeke said on Wednesday.


Health CS Mutahi Kagwe warned business people against "immoral' behaviour of exploiting Kenyans in the wake of COVID-19.

He lashed out at matatu operators who were hiking prices or failing to observe the new directives on passenger capacity.

EPRA requires traders to issue receipts for all LPG transactions in compliance with Regulation 19(7) of the Petroleum (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Regulations of 2019, in order to ensure transparency in retail prices of LPG.

The receipt should clearly indicate the name, address and telephone number of the retailer as well as the name and telephone number of the consumer. The receipt should also include the date of the transaction, the cylinder brand, the serial number of the cylinder, the net weight of the cylinder in kilograms, the unit price and the total price of the LPG sold.

Oimeke also noted that EPRA remains focused on protecting consumers against rogue traders in the energy sector. “Through our enforcement and consumer protection framework, we will work closely with relevant authorities to take firm action, including revocation of licenses, against any LPG traders who will be found culpable of hiking prices of LPG and generally not adhering to the guidelines issued.”

Consumers are urged to immediately report any cases of price hikes or non-compliance with the above mentioned guidelines through EPRA hotline numbers 0708 444 000 or 0709 336 000 or through email to [email protected]