Celebrate! You’ve Come This Far

Counting your 2021 blessings

In Summary

•Take time to celebrate and be grateful you made it this far

•Let your victories fuel your vision for next year

I don’t know about you, but for me, 2021 felt like an extension of 2020. With the Covid-19 vaccine now widely available, people generally hoped to reclaim some lost normalcy, but some of the challenges from last year have persisted. However, we still have reasons to celebrate at the end.

For me, the urge to celebrate started with a surge of gratitude this month. It’s the end year, and I have discovered that there is so much to be grateful for – especially the small things. If you look closely enough, you will find something to be grateful for; you will find reasons to celebrate. 2021 may not have played out the way you had hoped, but can you find points of gratitude? If not, here are three good reasons to celebrate.

You Didn’t Lose Your Mind: You went through the year’s rollercoaster, and you didn’t lose your mental balance. Your mind still functions right, and your sanity is intact. Somehow you found peace in the storm and had the mental capacity to think through the complexities of 2021. Be grateful that your mental poise was not altered this year. Despite the challenges, you’re still a right-thinking person and didn’t cause harm to yourself and others. Be thankful for your ability to connect with other sharp minds and the exchange of ideas that moved you forward. Say thank you for the right perspective and the benefits that it brought to you. 

You Overcame Challenges: For some people, this year was tough. But guess what? You made it through the challenges. You fought hard and won. You’re still here; celebrate! Yes, it wasn’t easy, but somehow, you found a way. It is noteworthy; be thankful. This does not mean that you are without scares – you have proof of battle, and you may even be tired at this point. However, let your scares become your motivation for gratitude. Your scares prove that you fought and won. Take time to celebrate and be grateful. You made it this far.

You Did Your Best: For you who feels like you could have done more this year, but you worked hard and gave it your best shot, well done – you have reason to celebrate. Probably, you could have done more; however, you did enough, and it’s worth celebrating. Enjoy the milestones and results that you achieved in 2021. Let your victories fuel your vision for next year. You did your best, and that is good enough. Be grateful and celebrate!

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