Peach Cars Kenya to revolutionize car ownership in sub-Saharan Africa

Peach Cars are focused on the market for locally-used vehicles

In Summary

•Partnerships with industry leaders in finance, insurance, maintenance and spare parts supply enable Peach Cars to address customer needs.

• Peach provides all the fun stuff that comes with owning a new (used!) car.

Zachary John-Pillow Petroni, COO (Left) and Kaoru Kaganoi, CEO at Peach Cars.
Zachary John-Pillow Petroni, COO (Left) and Kaoru Kaganoi, CEO at Peach Cars.

28-Year-old marketing executive Jane Wanjiku just got a promotion plus a salary bump in her job and is searching for her first car.

She was stuck and didn’t know where to begin until her friend who also recently bought a car referred her to Peach cars. They are your car search concierge.

They help you identify and buy a car that meets your needs - hassle-free with peace of mind knowing you are getting what you pay for.

If you‘re like Wanjiku and looking to buy a car, your ownership journey should not be a headache.

Peach Cars go above and beyond to provide car buyers a bespoke search and sales process unparalleled in the market in terms of convenience, speed, and quality control. 

When asked why she chose to go with peach cars, Wanjiku says the process was seamless from the initial conversation to viewings, negotiations, and all the 'fun stuff' of being a new owner, talk of transfer of ownership, insurance, financing and being a proud owner of a Mazda Demio.

Peach Cars are focused on the market for locally-used vehicles and apply a rigorous 165-point inspection process to all vehicles through their pipeline to ensure buyers have full information and can make the right decision. 

Peach Cars also offers sellers an easy-to-use interface when their vehicles are listed on the platform enabling them to get immediate inspection reports (this process helps sellers to understand the market value and condition of their vehicle before putting it up for sale), review offers from buyers, and sell their car all from the comfort and security of their home. 

Partnerships with industry leaders in finance, insurance, maintenance and spare parts supply enables Peach Cars to address customer needs at all points in their car ownership experience under their Car Care Department - whether you’re happy with what you have, ready to get back into the market, or just want to learn more!

Peach is your go-to partner for the information and services you need, when you are in the market for a pre-owned car. If you don’t believe it here is their process:

  1. Customer Conversations

This starts with an in-depth conversation to get to know you, your wants and your needs. We then provide feedback on market prices and availability of options and give realistic timelines for sourcing.

  1. Sourcing

Once they’ve kicked off the search, their skilled, and dedicated team scout the city to look for your perfect fit. They test basic functionality of the vehicle and make sure it is accident-free. The vehicle is then qualified or disqualified for the next stage: inspections.

  1. 165 point inspection

At inspections, Peach Cars takes a deep dive into the vehicles you’ve indicated an interest in.

They evaluate the condition and report on major mechanical systems of the vehicle  (e.g. engine, transmission, suspension, brakes), they updated you on the mileage at the time of export and even go above and beyond to use tools such as OBD and battery multimeter checks, and provide you with a full diagnostic report, including recommendations on immediate repairs and value.

  1. Viewings and negotiations

If you like what you see, they set up hassle-free viewing(s) with serious and qualified sellers in the comfort of their Lavington office as per your convenience, prioritizing safety and your peace of mind. If you like what you see and want to proceed, they make sure you get the best deal!

  1. Secure payments and change of ownership

You pay into their escrow account. They hold the payments until the car is released to you.

Likewise, they do all the dirty TIMS work for you! Peach cars also make sure the transfer of ownership is done promptly, including seller/buyer acceptance and logbook delivery to you at your preferred location!

  1. After-sales support

Last, but not least, Peach provides all the fun stuff that comes with owning a new (used!) car including…

  1. Car insurance (comprehensive and third party)
  2. Car loans
  3. General servicing as well as ongoing maintenance and repairs
  4. Automotive education

Peach Cars is Kenya’s one-stop-shop for all things cars founded in November 2020 by Kaoru Kaganoi, who is the CEO together with Zachary Petroni who is the COO.

The name Peach was influenced by the market for lemons which are sold at the price of peaches e.g. used cars marketed at the price of new cars. Peach Cars aims to revolutionize car ownership across Africa.

They’ve launched a marketplace purpose - built to connect buyers and sellers in new and exciting ways, and have their sights set on bigger and better things leveraging cutting-edge technology, robust offline operations, and customer service excellence to build a customer-focused ecosystem around buying, selling, and maintaining cars.

What makes them different from other car companies?

Sure, other online car sales platforms exist. But, none with a focus on full information, transparent operations and customer experience like Peach.

They combine an industry-leading, international inspection process with escrow payments and a seamless digital experience to bring transparency, trust and next-level convenience to Kenyan car buyers and sellers alike.

Ready to upgrade your car life?

Visit for more information or contact 0715004488.

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