CMC pumps Sh250 million to reduce carbon emission

CMC seeks to complement government’s efforts in mitigating climate change

CMC showroom on Lusaka road in Nairobi.Photo/Karuga Wa Njuguna
CMC showroom on Lusaka road in Nairobi.Photo/Karuga Wa Njuguna

In a deliberate move to reduce its carbon footprint, motor vehicle assembler CMC motors have gone green with its renewable installation at the firm's newly refurbished showroom along Lusaka Road.

With an eye on sustainable development in a greener future and creating more jobs, CMC seeks to complement the government’s efforts in mitigating climate change. 

The move comes a year after President Uhuru Kenyatta, unveiled Africa's largest wind farm near Lake Turkana where more than 350 turbines can produce up to 310 MW, which is about 17% of the country's current daytime energy demand.

The state of the art showroom built for Ford is one of its kind in the Sub Saharan Africa and the biggest outside South Africa.

The newly remodelled pure digital showroom opens a new frontier for the competition of the motor vehicle dealers.

According to the Regional Sales Director Patrick Amenya , the reconditioned showroom maximizes green energy and does not need an AC to operate.

“We are delighted to accomplish one of the rare feats in the region by completing one of our flagship redevelopment projects in the region. The showroom will be officially launched in April, by global Ford, representatives from the US and the President of Al-Futtaim will be among the Chief Guests “ Amenya said.

The integrated showroom incorporates parts of the workshop designs and offers a five-star experience.

“The touchpads gives a whole new meaning to the showroom in the country as it offers live video streaming to vehicle utilities and specifications," Amenya said.

The clients on the visit to check out the Ford vehicles are serenaded with radiating lighting that livens up the ambiance.

“The mood lighting has a special connotation to the vehicles on the display. The designs was specially tailored to suit people living with a disability with ramps to guide them into the showroom without much of the encumbrances that characterises many companies and public places” Amenya said.

Amenya said the project cost the assembler Sh250 million and comfortably accommodates 15 Ford Trucks. 

“The facility is pure green. It utilises natural sunlight and the footprint carbon is extremely minimal hence negligible energy consumption “ said CMC region sales boss.

The corporation has ceased using the papers as all the interactions are digital.

Amenya said, “ All the brochures are digitally sent to the potential clients hence no human traffic. If you sign with us, you swiftly get the links and view the showroom together with the motor vehicles on display “. 

The cutting edge technology enables the potential clients to browse, see the vehicle features, specifications, and pricing all in a touching pad.

“Video streaming allows the clients to prospect all there is to be gleaned from the comfort of their homes. They can beam from wherever, as the technology brings the showroom to their living rooms while encompassing podcasts and short video clips “ said Amenya.  The Eastern Africa regional sales director says the project is a significant leap in entrenching Kenya as the hub for the region corporation and long term investment in the market.

“The completion of the project gives CMC a veritable opportunity to put additional people to the team , creates more opportunities for Kenyans including the technicians and ample space to handle more vehicles," said Amenya.

With the newest technology introduced, CMC is seeking to style itself as the best brand in Kenya in vehicle assembly and distributor ahead of its rivals in the market.

Kagwiria Mbiti, the CMC Corporate Sales Manager says the showroom enables the corporation to set unrivalled standards in workshop experience, level of retooling, training and car assembly.

“Kenya has deservedly earned her place as Ford’s regional hub. With it, comes the training academy where we train technicians and engineers from 10 African countries including Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mauritius under a comprehensive internship program “ said Mbiti.

According to Mbiti, Kenya has been preferred to host the training after it distinguished itself as the CMC regional Centre ahead of Dubai and South Africa given its strategic vantage point.

Amenya says CMC projects an increase in Ford retail network in the year 2020. 

“We intend to upscale the after sale support for the brand to penetrate all key towns in the country. The local assembly will serve to improve the building capacity in technology, “ said Amenya.

CMC had been embroiled in a protected battle with Interior Ministry over the Sh 12 billion motor vehicle leasing scheme for police vehicles. High court Judge John Mativo ruled in January 20, that the Interior ministry were at fault for canceling a tender won by the motor dealer and ordered fresh tendering process which is underway. 

National Assembly Finance Committee is closely monitoring the process ostensibly to ensure the regulations governing the procurement are adhered to and court directives are upheld.

Amenya notes that the motor dealership in Kenya is fraught with numerous challenges.

“Financing from banks remains the biggest impediment in the business. We also note that grey imports from countries like South Africa are dotting the market,” he said.

He added that erratic government policy grossly affects industry players.

“Today it’s on duty levies, the next day it’s about emission, the following day it’s about the engine type from Euro 4 to something else. It’s a dicey situation for the players,“ Amenya said.