Enjoy the transfer rumours, after all it’s just sport, but what a game

Bayern Munich's coach Pep Guardiola gestures during a training session at his team winter training camp in Doha
Bayern Munich's coach Pep Guardiola gestures during a training session at his team winter training camp in Doha

Mohamed El Nenny, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang; even Pep Guardiola. Name that have been listed in association with Arsenal. And this list is bound to get even longer as the month continues and the summer nears.

Someone on our facebook group The Score Kenya said he hates football fans during the transfer period because of the rumours that go around. But that’s one of the things I love about the transfer period – the speculation.

Come on guys it’s never that serious! I see the transfer period as a time to dream and hope; and sometimes those dreams come true. It’s a time to say “what if” as we continue to enjoy great football.

Rumour has it that El Nenny has already signed with Arsenal for four and a half years; and probably by the time you read this the deal will have been sealed and that’s great! For those of you insisting on a big name. However, by now you should know that is rarely manager Arsene Wenger’s style. El Nenny is a pretty good player and doesn’t cost the big bucks Wenger avoids. He’s strong and talented and would make a great substitute for Francis Coquelin in the DM position. If Wenger indeed signs him at £6.5million then he’ll still have plenty to go after Aubameyang with. The Gabonese forward has been doing wonders for Borussia Dortmund this term and many Premier League sides are said to be after his signature. Of course when he missed training this week speculation was even more rife that he was coming to England. It would be exciting to have such a player in England but he won’t come cheap with other teams chasing and with Dortmund obviously reluctant to let him go. Wenger is an economist; and even though his miserliness frustrates me sometimes. It has to make sense when we know we need an expensive player; to buy another like El Nenny. I would have loved to see Victor Wanyama play for Arsenal at some point in his career but having played in England for some time, I’m sure his fee would be much higher than the Egyptian’s. I am also wary of Arsenal signing Wanyama because we all know that he isn’t officially 24 years old. While I believe he is strong enough to play until his late 30’s; it would be a worry should he begin to get injuries. That said: he’s still a superstar but I’m being practical here. Right now we’re also watching what Manchester United, Chelsea and other teams will do. Guus Hiddink has already said he won’t sign anyone afterall this is the team that won the league last season; while United’s problem doesn’t seem to be in the playing unit. This January will see a lot of movement I expect; including transfers or rather the sacking of more managers. I’m excited about it. Let’s not take all this football thing so seriously; afterall it’s just a game. But as I always say: “what a game!” Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter and www.facebook.com/CarolRadull