Shujaa's gaffer Simiyu bullish ahead of USA acid test

Simiyu reckons Simbas have acclimatised well enough from the time they set foot in Kurume City a week ago.

Shujaa coach Innocent Simiyu.
Shujaa coach Innocent Simiyu.
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Kenya Rugby Sevens' head coach Innocent Simiyu says his charges have sharpened their claws well enough for their opening crunch tie against USA on Monday at the Tokyo Olympic games.

Simiyu reckons Simbas have acclimatised well enough from the time they set foot in Kurume City a week ago.

"It's been a very productive week for us. We started a bit slowly in terms of acclimatising, but the boys now have adjusted and I'm quite happy with the way things are progressing. We are now just fine tuning our game plan in preparations for our first assignment against the USA," said Simiyu.

Simiyu said the unpredictability of the weather in Tokyo was among the least of their concerns given they had planned well enough to grapple with all the prevailing conditions.

"I've looked at the weather, most of the time it will be sunny when we will be playing, but even if the weather changes it won't affect us much.  We only need to tweak a few things here and there in regards to how we are going to approach the game," he said.

"We can't control the weather, Our response to it will determine the outcome. We are happy with the weather.  it's hot, it's humid, it's warm.It's the weather we are used to back at home it's like playing in Mombasa. 

"For us it's just adjusting and executing our game plan we hope the boys will give us a standard performance very early from game one and set the pace for our subsequent matches," said Simiyu.

The gaffer said he has plans to afford each of his squad members an opportunity to shine at the games and as such he should be expected to tinker his lineup from time to time.

"We have widened our game profile, so we have a bit of arsenals in terms of the approach, attack and defence. So we are a bit flexible or agile so to say, and we'll take it as it comes.

"The morale is very good, the boys are very happy and ready to go. Right now, we are just looking for that one percent. If we are able to take one percent every day, we will be able to improve on certain areas of our game. As we move towards our game against the USA, we just want to fine tune and take the remaining percentage," said Simiyu.