Thriller awaits polo players

Samurai face Cruise Control in Mugs Mug opener

In Summary

•  Cruise Control opens their Mugs Mug title reclamation campaign tomorrow when they come face-to-face with an equally strong Samurai outfit.

• Mugs Mug is one of the oldest and most competitive polo tournaments in Kenya founded by sir William Northrup McMillan.

Polo empires will turn up for the annual Mugs Mug showpiece between tomorrow and Sunday at the North Kenya Polo Club in Timau— home to Kenya's highest goaler James Murray.

The Mois and the Nzomos will battle it out in the Cup opener which promises to be as explosive as ever. Nine teams entered the competition with a notable absence of the 2018 holders Stonefish & Urchins.

The Mugs Mug is one of the oldest and most competitive polo tournaments in Kenya founded by sir William Northrup McMillan in the early 1920s. The competitiveness and rivalry between teams at Mugs Mug is usually fervid and one would think it is Kenya's highest goal tournament. The 2019 edition of the extravaganza will definitely not disappoint.

Samurai is made up of Tanzanian import Mini Trappe playing off handicap 2.5, Jadini Nzomo 0.5 and handicap note (0) duo of Hiromi Nzomo and Amani Nzomo. Trappe replaces team patron Raphael Nzomo, who also plays off 2.5 goals and has opted to umpire.

On the other hand, Cruise Control comprises of two goaler Kimoi Moi, handicap one pair of Gideon Moi and his youngest son Kigen Moi, and Fred Kambo (-1).

Trappe skippers Samurai will be hunting for a maiden Mugs Mug gong whereas Cruise Control will be gunning for their fifth title.

There is much thought by team patrons in putting the teams together to come up with combinations of players who will create maximum efficacy within the three-goal team handicap limit. More often, the bonanza provides the opportunity for equestrian families to field teams.

The second tie pits 6 Foot Combine (Henry Limb 2.5, Stichbury trio of Jonathan 1, Izzy 0 and Lochie -0.5) and G-String (Harry Griffiths 1.5, Meagan Griffiths 0.5, zero goalers Cheza Millar Georgina Millar).

Father and son— handicap two Phillip Arunga and one goaler Omwakwe Arunga- will team up with a note-rated duo of Natasha Tisminiesky and Anthony Wahome.

Nyum Nyum Boozie, Lennox Property Group and Nduruma will vie for one slot at the penultimate stage. Nduruma comprise Julian Camm 2.5, Geoffrey Morley 1, Gordy (Surdeon Groom) 0.5 and Vincent de Brauwer -1 while  LPG has Tarquin Gross 3, Gordon Murray 1.5, Morten Jensen -1 and Hamish Hobbs -0.5. NNB will feature Ben Stonewigg 1, Harry Stichbury 1, Tom Stonewigg 0.5 and William Millar 0.5.