'Go Pato' hitmaker set to tour Kenya

Eric Omondi said he's only welcome if joining 'maandamano'

In Summary

• Kenyans have a mixed reaction, with many saying they only know one song

Singer Pato Banton
Singer Pato Banton

Reggae artiste Patrick Murray, alias Pato Banton, is set to tour Kenya soon.

In December 2022, he had expressed interest in visiting the country on social media.

"I’m dreaming of doing a concert in Kenya!"

At the time, he received backlash after sharing his official email, asking promoters to reach out to him. 

The 62-year-old received the nickname Pato Banton from his stepfather. It translates to ‘Wise Owl’.

Kenyans have a mixed reaction towards his visit with many saying they only know one song.

Eric Omondi said, "Even in our lowest moment. Unless anakuja maandamano. Otherwise, Go away, Pato."

Hero_nymous wrote: "Will he perform only one song for all those hours?"

According to his performance schedule, he will be in the country for 12 days.

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