Stars wear blots on dresses to end period stigma

The consequences of stigma have at times led to suicide cases

In Summary

• The campaign is driven by celebrities wearing a unique fashion collection 

Ajib Gathoni
Ajib Gathoni

Celebrities have launched the 'Stain Not Shame' campaign, targeting everyone to raise awareness on period stigma and stop period shaming.

The campaign is driven by a unique fashion collection showing a blot on dresses on the front and back as a fashion statement to normalise the sight of period stains.

Research by Menstrual Hygiene Day 1 found that 65 per cent of females in Kenya are unable to afford sanitary pads and one million schoolgirls miss an average of four school days per month because of their menstrual cycle and no access to feminine hygiene products.

As a result of these, the consequences, at times have led to suicide cases. 

Participants include content TikToker Ajib Gathoni, actress Patricia Kihoro, TV presenter Shiksha Arora and content creator Esther Kazungu.

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