Telenovela 'Second Family' set for premiere

Packed with top Kenyan talent, it depicts inheritance battles

In Summary

• Two families fight for control over a legacy that was left behind

Actors Brian Ogola, Nick Ndeda and Ian Mbugua
Actors Brian Ogola, Nick Ndeda and Ian Mbugua

Kenyan telenovela 'Second Family' follows the dysfunctional Gatehi – Lang’at families, which are fighting for control over a legacy that was left behind.

The Showmax original will be premiering on March 22. Producer  Adam Neutzsky-Wulff spoke about what attracted him to making this telenovela.

“It was partly the taboo of a man having two families that don’t know about each other, but even more the journey of the protagonist," he said in a statement.

“This is a classic ‘fish out of water’ story, which we believe will resonate with Kenyan audiences because it is aspirational. It’s also packed with what seems to be the hallmark of any great show in this genre: gossip and intrigue." 

In the show, when billionaire Leo Lang’at, 57, dies suddenly, his secrets come to light, pitting one family against another. Battling for his wealth, power and for revenge, Sinde, the daughter of Leo’s mistress, faces off against Evangeline, Leo’s formidable first wife.

The telenovela stars newcomer Vanessa Okeyo as the protagonist Sinde, Brian Ogola (Disconnect 2), Helen Keli (Selina), Dora Nyaboke (Crime and Justice), Ian Mbugua (Single Kiasi), Nick Ndeda (18 Hours), Stephanie Muchiri (Paa), Serah Wanjiru (Sincerely Daisy) and Arabron Nyyneque (40 Sticks).

Others are Mumbi Maina (The Matrix Resurrections), Brian Abajah (Single Kiasi), Lewis Leshan (Crime and Justice), Ella Maina (Sincerely Daisy), Florence Nduta (Chaguo), John Sibi-Okumu (Crime and Justice), Charles J Ouda (Pepeta), Mary Mwikali (Market Price) and Eve Jackson (Mpakani).

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