King Perry presents 'Continental Playlist'

He creates an eclectic, layered sound that defies simple genre tags

In Summary

• The project pulls from Afrobeats, Amapiano, dancehall/reggae and more genres

King Perry
King Perry

Nigerian superstar King Perry has released his long-anticipated EP, 'Continental Playlist'. 

This is a seven-song EP that affirms his ability to turn on a dime, going wherever inspiration and life leads. 

Perry spoke to Word Is about the inspiration for the EP.

"Continental playlist', just as the name implies, is a carefully curated playlist of songs from the continental boy, myself, for my fans. The EP's title celebrates the 'continental sound', as I like to call it," he said.

"My originality is Afro-dancehall and over the years, I have shown that I can fuse my sound with any other genre and make magic, so it felt like the right time to make this project. "

"I plan on continuing the playlist, so there will be other volumes as time goes."

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