Moya David and Silaz are beefing

TikTokers' feud came after Moya copyrighted his moves

In Summary

• Moya has allegedly sent him demand letters for copying his moves

Moya David and Trevor
Moya David and Trevor

TikToker Trevor Silaz says he has received demand letters from Moya David's legal team to quit copying his choreography.

Speaking to Commentator254 on his YouTube channel, he said Moya wants him to be unique.

"The letter said I should cease doing his choreography. Ilitumwa March 2," he said.

"Wakati nilisikia amepatent choreography, I changed my choreography. After that, the letter comes with demands to cease copying the choreography. Nimeshangaa what I should change ndio mtu asinisumbue."

Trevor said he is not competiting with Moya David, just as there are many bloggers.

"I think the problem is my fast-growing following on social media. Nimesomea children's home and that is why most of my videos nimefanya kwa streets kusaidia watu," he said.

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