Nadia Mukami and I are still together, says Arrow Bwoy

They had 'normal' feud and she vented online but has learnt, Bwoy says

In Summary

• He said his dream is to see to it that his relationship with Nadia works

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami's baby daddy and lover Arrow Bwoy has denied ever breaking up with her as she had claimed three months ago.

Speaking to online media, the father of one said Nadia is still his lover and the mother of his child.

"I have never given a statement and I have never left or been left by anyone. First of all, as far as I know, Nadia is the mother of my child and my lover," he said.

"I have never said we have broken up, and in case such a time comes, we will not even let people know that we have broken up."

Arrow Bwoy added that his dream is to see to it that his relationship with Nadia has worked.

"Nobody starts a relationship with a dream to ever break up."

In December, Nadia said they ended their relationship a while back but chose to keep it under wraps.

Nadia explained that she could not continue lying about why that was impossible.

"Just to clarify to the guys who book Arrow Bwoy and I. I have run out of lies. We have not been together for a while, we broke up," she wrote.

Arrow Bwoy says at that time, they had disagreed just like any other couple.

"Mambo huchemka kwa relationship, and when you disagree, give each other time," he said.

"We had disagreed but it is normal for any relationship. We react differently. Maybe at that time she felt it was okay to post due to pressure, but I'm sure she has learnt. We are a young couple and we are still learning."

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