Harmonize's ex wins divorce case against him

Sarah responded 'Thank God' to reports about her court win

In Summary

• Reports say Harmonize will be splitting his wealth with the Italian ex-wife Micheloti

Harmonize with ex-wife Sarah
Harmonize with ex-wife Sarah

Singer Harmonize's Italian ex-wife Sarah Micheloti has reportedly won a case against the singer.

Tanzanian media pundits say Harmonize will be splitting his wealth with her.

The two broke up three years ago before Harmonize moved on with Frida Kajala.

Sarah seemed to confirm the news when she responded to a Tanzanian journalist's post that read:

"Sarah has won the case she opened against her husband. Sarah followed this case extensively. Didn't our brother deny Sarah that he never married her? But he forgot that he was the one who helped get permission for her to live in the country as her husband."

On her Instagram stories, Sarah then wrote, "Thank God."

The two parted ways late in 2020 after the singer introduced his daughter Zulekha to the world. 

Sarah moved to court to have Harmonize’s assets divided in half and also seeking to be officially divorced from the singer.

According to a statement on Harmonize's Instagram, Sarah wanted to be given part of his wealth in the ongoing divorce. 

"She wants part of my wealth since I had married her. When we separated, I did not have anything and I ended up sleeping at Kajala's house," he wrote in a previous post.

Sarah has been vocal in reminding Harmonize about how she financed his career when he was starting out as an artiste.

In one post, she told Harmonize never to bite the hand that fed him for more than four years.

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