Esma wants to date a Christian man

He however should convert to Muslim first to prove his love

In Summary

• She wants to move on after short-lived marriage to Mziswa two years ago

Esma Khan
Esma Khan
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Diamond's sister Esma Platnumz now wants to marry a Christian.

She said this through her Instagram page, where she praised one of her friends who converted her man to Islam.

Esma said she also wants a Christian to convert so they will bond with an undying love. 

"Let the son of a Christian man love me until he changes his religion for me, a widow," she said.

"But it is possible, I don't want you to be single anymore, let him just show up and pray for me."

Esma has been unlucky in the pool of love as she claims she once loved two men at different times until entering into marriage with them, but ended up hurt and helpless. 

She separated from her husband Mziswa three months after their wedding two years ago.

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