Amber wanted to be pregnant when stable

Life 'tasted like lemons' when she got her first kid

In Summary

• The socialite said she was lonely and hopeless when she had her first child

Amber Ray with Kennedy Rapudo
Amber Ray with Kennedy Rapudo

Socialite Amber Ray says when she had her first child, she was broke and young.

The socialite has a nine-year-old son called Gavin.

Through her Instagram page, Amber said she promised herself to get another child once she is financially stable.

"Life tasted like lemons and I had no one to turn to, even the people I thought I could count on. But I kept on pushing and since I love kids and a big family…" she wrote.

Amber is expecting her second child with her lover Kennedy Rapudo.

She said she wanted to be stable since people could change.

"Make sure you are ready for it al. So, when you see me enjoying this season of my life, let me! I’m living one of my answered prayers."

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