Mowzey Radio recalled fondly

Baby mama continues to celebrate the late 'Radio and Weasel' member

In Summary

• Radio was born on January 25, 1985, and died on February 1, 2018

• He sired two kids with singer Lilian Mbabazi

The late Mowzey Radio
The late Mowzey Radio
Image: Courtesy

Lillian Mbabazi, the baby mama to the late Moses Ssekibogo, alias Mowzey Radio, celebrated what would be the singer's 38th birthday yesterday.

Lillian, who sired two kids with the 'Bread And Butter' hitmaker, said she will continue to celebrate Radio's birthday.

“I will always choose to celebrate the day Moses was born. Because he was born, I had my children."

"Because he was born, I met him. Because he was born, music in Uganda was changed. Because he was born, many musicians have been inspired Happy birthday, my love. We miss you. RIP."


Radio was one half of the music group 'Radio and Weasel'. 

Radio succumbed to death following a head injury that put him in a coma for 10 days before he was declared dead.

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