Magix Enda says he is not doing well

Producer opened up to the world that he is at a loss

In Summary

• Magix said he is going through a lot currently

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

Music producer Magix Enga has informed his online followers that he is not doing well.

Through his Instagram page, Magix said he is going through so much currently.

Magix said he is talented but he cannot understand what is happening in his life.

"Hey people, I don't understand anything happening in my life," he wrote.

"I'm going through a lot and I do not understand why. Somebody, please. Kama nilikosea, I apologise. More love to all of you."

Fellow artiste Vivian told him to let people in and speak out.

"We talk many times on the phone. You have to remember who God made you to be. Not what Kenya or people say. Start again and accommodate only those who want to see you live," she wrote on Magix Enga's post.

"Have faith and move towards God. I can help with a pro bono one-hour online weekly therapy session. Only if you're willing. You can get out of the pit."

In October, Magix told YouTuber Eve Mungai he had been on a journey of transformation, which began with him shaving his signature dreadlocks to quitting substance abuse.

Months before that, on his Instagram account, he also said he had been in rehab for three months, battling drug addiction. 

He said he got lots of pressure in life and decided to use drugs as a cool-off but ended up being an addict.

"In the end, drugs only make life stressful and many of us all too often fail to recognise this is the moment," he said on Instagram.

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