Maureen Waititu now feels settled

She left her ex's place in a huff but has finally settled down

In Summary

• Maureen said moving out from her ex's home to a different location was hard

Maureen Waititu, a social media influencer.
Maureen Waititu, a social media influencer.

Content creator Maureen Waititu has moved on from her past relationship.

In a recent interview with KTN's, Art of Living, the mother of two says she is past that.

"My kids come before anything else. It's been a very happy home," she said.

Maureen said moving out from her ex's home to a completely different location was not easy.

"I put this space together in under two weeks, believe it or not," she said.

"I was leaving a previous place, and unfortunately, I found myself in a move-out situation in a very short amount.

"At that point I had renovated the previous house three months before, so it was almost like still very fresh. So I used the same team, Pinterest helped a lot, so I just told my guys this is exactly what I want."

Showing off her current home, Maureen added her inspiration was to provide a warm space for her two sons.

She said everything in her new home is personal to her.

"Looking back, 2023 feels like finally, I'm settled. It's been like I've been running, I feel very settled, stable, like I can breathe. Like it's gonna be a fantastic year," she said.

The mother of two broke up with her ex-lover Frankie in 2019.

Frankie said he had seen her on a billboard before bumping her into her several times.

He eventually mustered the courage to send her a DM.

"My relationship with Maureen Waititu was my first serious relationship," he said.

"I was driving a friend of mine when I saw a billboard of Maureen and other models near Nyayo roundabout. It was a Darling advert, I never thought the ladies on the billboard were Kenyans."

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