Zari's bae denies leaving wife for Zari

Zari also said the alleged wife is clout-chasing

In Summary

• The Ugandan claims that after being lured by Zari, Shakib left their matrimonial home to follow the reality TV star as she is more successful and famous.

Zari with her boyfriend Shakib
Zari with her boyfriend Shakib

Zari Hassan's new bae Shakib Lutaaya has told fans to ignore some of the things they see on social media.

This is after claims he dumped his wife for Zari.

"None of these social media s**t matters. Be a solid and good person in real life," he shared.

In December, an America-based Ugandan woman identified as Nalule Sembatya, popularly known as Mimi, accused the socialite of snatching her husband Shakib from her.

Mimi shared marriage documents revealing that she and Shakib tied the knot back in June 2016.

She said they never got a divorce, which legally still makes her Shakib's wife.

A year after marriage, she allegedly processed a US visa in May 2017 for her husband, which gave him a lot of privileges.

Zari Hassan said the alleged wife is clout-chasing.

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